Records Matter

Homelessness, Housing and the Environment are among our Most Important Issues. See how the candidates' records stack up. Anybody can make promises, records are what matter.


  • Supervisor Shirlee Zane understands that tackling the issue of homelessness requires multiple tactics and solutions. She helped clear the Joe Rodota trail by establishing a shelter community at Los Guilicos, continued funding of Sam Jones Hall, established housing for homeless veterans at the Palms Inn, spearheaded the creation of a Veterans Village of tiny homes on publicly-owned land, instituted housing programs and homelessness prevention initiatives for older adults including housing workshops, emergency housing programs, housing stabilization, support for legal support.
  • Ex-Councilman Coursey supported a “whack-a-mole” approach to homelessness, pushing people from one makeshift camp to another. Coursey introduced, supported or voted for moving homeless from Santa Rosa’s Prince Memorial Greenway near Olive Park, the Sixth Street underpass, Homeless Hill Encampment (Farmers Lane), Doyle Community Park, Roseland’s Dollar Tree store property and the Northpoint Corporate Center. Coursey objected to installing portable buildings on City property, expanding the footprint of Sam Jones Hall, activating the National Guard Armory, using the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial building or renovating a former fire station on Parker Hill Road. Coursey eliminated the City of Santa Rosa’s subcommittee on homelessness. Under his “leadership”, the City of Santa Rosa was sued for its failed homeless policies, leading to the formation of the Joe Rodota Trail Encampment.


  • Supervisor Shirlee Zane, known for her slogan “build baby, build” believes that we need more housing, which includes affordable and market rate housing. Her success in working alongside the community and developers brings project to completion. She led the charge for ‘streamlined permitting’ for those affected by the fires by making it easier to obtain permits for childcare facilities, senior housing, mobile home parks, multifamily apartments, mixed-use project, single-room occupancy units and emergency shelters.
  • Ex-Councilman Coursey talks a lot about ‘low income housing’ and in his stubborn pursuit and inability to collaborate with developers, he refused to advocate, opposed, delayed or voted against small, medium and large sized affordable and market rate residential housing projects like Sunwood Village, Domus Development Project, Tierra Springs, Pullman Lofts, DeTurk Winery Village, Water Tower Plaza Apartments and others. Hundreds of housing units went unbuilt because Coursey was unable to negotiate with developers, contributing to the current housing shortage and high rents in Santa Rosa.


  • Supervisor Shirlee Zane fights for the environment as a Board Member of the powerful Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) board. For a decade, Shirlee successfully sponsored and voted to create the nation’s strictest controls over greenhouse gasses (GHG), air pollution and emission reporting requirements. She is not afraid to stand up to Big Oil polluters’ interests.
  • Ex-Councilman Coursey talks a big game, makes promises to help resolve global climate change, but has no record of introducing regulations while serving on the Santa Rosa City Council. Ironically, despite his objections, Chevron Corporation, Marathon Petroleum and Phillips 66 are some of his biggest supporters, spending nearly $150,000 on his behalf.


  • Supervisor Shirlee Zane has one of the best attendance records in the history of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, participates in the boards of local, state and federal organizations on behalf of Sonoma County.
  • Ex-Councilman Coursey missed twenty-one (21) meetings during his term in office, one of the worst attendance records in Santa Rosa. He then left office after a single term, one of the shortest tenured members on the Santa Rosa City Council.

While anybody can talk about "new leadership" and advocate for change, a candidate’s record while in office speaks louder than unsubstantiated promises.

Records matter.
Re-Elect Supervisor Shirlee Zane.