-Congressmen Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman view the interior of the new SMART Train with Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane-

Together We Did...Together We Will!

Sonoma County has made great progress in the ten years Supervisor Shirlee Zane has been representing the Third District. During her next term, Shirlee looks forward to continued collaboration with local residents and her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors by focusing on:

  • Addressing issues of housing affordability and the cost of living in our community.
  • Strengthening services for our most vulnerable residents by continuing to be a champion for improved mental health services, homelessness programs, county-led initiatives including the Mobile Support Team and Homeless Outreach Services Team, as well as programs to assist our veterans.
  • Improving countywide emergency alert systems and improving fire & emergency preparedness.
  • Repaving more of our roads and streets through continued General Fund contributions as well as funds from SB1 and other funding sources to effectively maintain our transportation network, including multiple modes of clean and low emission transportation that protects public and environmental health while enhancing our quality of life.
    • Collaborating with SMART officials and local governments to address bicycle and pedestrian safety issues at railroad crossings in light of an increase in accidents along the tracks.
  • Safeguarding our climate & natural environment, as well as our parks, open spaces and the County’s treasured natural resources.
  • Preserving Sonoma County's agricultural heritage by supporting local family farmers and common-sense policies to sustain our local agricultural economy.
  • Advancing policies that contribute to the healthy economy Sonoma County has enjoyed over the last several years, while continuing to pass balanced budgets. Shirlee and her colleagues have worked diligently to pass 11 straight balanced budgets since she joined the Board of Supervisors!
  • Refining cannabis policy so that the industry can evolve in a regulated, legal environment emphasizing the quality-of-life and safety of our residents.
  • Fighting for our seniors and improved senior services, a crusade Shirlee started as CEO of the Council on Aging. During her 10 years there she completed several senior-serving capital campaigns, including construction of a state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar Meals on Wheels commercial kitchen.
  • Continuing a commitment to collaboration by actively listening to the needs of residents, stakeholders and elected officials at all levels of government about ways to enhance the quality of life for those living and working in Sonoma County.