Our Most Important Issues

Homelessness, Housing and the Environment - Our Most Important Issues

Supervisor Shirlee Zane’s Record of Results

Supervisor Shirlee Zane knows that public service is about serving the public and nothing speaks louder than documented accomplishments. On building new housing, working towards real homeless solutions, long term fire recovery and protecting the environment, Supervisor Zane is proud of her accomplishments. Check them out.

Former Councilman Chris Coursey Failed and Bailed

On homelessness, Coursey pushed people from one makeshift encampment to another, did little to provide shelter solutions and eliminated the City’s subcommittee on homelessness. On housing, his over-reaching approach for low-income units resulted in few being built. Furthermore, he voted down hundreds of new affordable and market rate units, contributing to the City’s current housing shortage. Coursey is offering up a bucket of fresh promises with talk of “new leadership.” We don’t need new leadership from a candidate who previously couldn’t deliver.

Without any substantial accomplishments on homelessness, housing or environmental protection, Coursey bailed from the Santa Rosa City Council after a single term. According to the Press Democrat, “because he could not run to retain the mayor's seat, an appointed position in the city." While other elected officials continued to work on homelessness, housing and the environment, Coursey checked out, “skied a lot ... and tried not [to] think about the future." Read Reporter Will Schmitt’s Press Democrat article.

And now, Big Oil is Betting $147,500 on Chris Coursey’s Failed Record

Coursey failed on Homelessness, failed on Housing and he'll fail on Environmental Protections, too!
Chevron Corporation, Marathon Petroleum and Phillips 66 know that Coursey is a talker who can’t deliver. And, they’re betting $147,500 he’ll fail on environmental protections, too. So, look at each candidate’s historic accomplishments. Pay attention to the back of campaign mailers, check online to see who is funding the candidates and be sure to view each elected official’s list of accomplishments.

Don’t be fooled by his empty promises of solving homelessness, housing and the environment. They can’t be bought, even with $147,500.

Re-elect Supervisor Shirlee Zane.