Shirlee is passionate about her commitment to Sonoma County and remaining committed to the promise that she made to voters. In just two years we have accomplished a great deal.

Led efforts towards achieving or advancing the 2014 Board of Supervisors Policy Objectives to: improve community’s health; support immigrants and families; increase confidence in safety and justice services; improve transportation and recreation facilities; protect natural resources and local food system; support local economy through education and jobs; long term fiscal health; support neighborhood resilience; ensure the highest and best use of County facilities and systems; increase access to and citizen participation in County government; and enhance the County’s responsiveness to community needs.

 Leading efforts toward achieving or advancing the 2015 Board of supervisors Policy Objectives to:

  • Increase affordable housing inventory in the County.
  • Coordinate with community partners to provide access to preschool for all Sonoma County children.
  • Address the safety, health, environmental and economic impacts of marijuana, which has included the convening of a six-county summit, the adoption of a joint policy statement, and legislative advocacy to proactively prepare for possible legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2016.
  • Coordinate a sustainability initiative leveraging existing work conducted in County departments and agencies.
  • Ensure the long-term fiscal health of the County, which has included pursuing additional funding of roads through Measure A, implementation of pension reform measures resulting in $180 million in reduced costs through 2023, and maintaining general fund reserves at over 10%.
  • Complete planning for the Chanate campus, which has included establishing the Chanate Facilities charter; and successfully completed the Sutter-Chanate Hospital termination agreement, assumed control of the facilities, and conducted a facilities condition assessment to determine the highest and best use of the space and facilities.
  • Creation of a Health Care Task Force to address soaring costs of health care plans.
  • Further outreach and engagement efforts, which has included the adoption of a community engagement framework, facilitation of the CALLE Task Force, advancing youth engagement efforts, and enhancing city/county communication and coordination.
  • Complete Fire Services Review and recommendations, which has included providing active participation and leadership together with Fire and Emergency Services in the Fire Ad-Hoc Committee and Fire Services Project processes; and completed Phase I of the Fire Services Study, which included over 50 Countywide Fire Services delivery and operations study presentations and countywide data gathering.
  • Advance Southwest Santa Rosa Annexation efforts, which has included finalizing the City-County Memorandum of Understanding for the Southwest Santa Rosa Annexation, and working with the City of Santa Rosa on cost and revenue estimates.

Worked with the Board to define an independent citizens committee on pensions, which is currently accepting applications for members.

Coordinated regional responses to three locally proclaimed disasters in the Operational Area: a year-long drought emergency, an emergency related to the August 24 South Napa Earthquake that included a partial Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation, and an emergency related to the December 2014 winter storm which involved fully activating the Operational Area EOC.

Presented a comprehensive report on addressing poverty in Sonoma County, and introducing a living wage policy as one strategy to combat poverty.

In partnership with Transportation & Public Works staff, established a framework for long term roads repair and the 2014-2016 Road investment plan.

Completed work with the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force, including the presentation of their recommendations to improve relationships with the community relative to safety and justice services to the Board.

Implemented the first 2-year budget plan, which promotes multi-year fiscal planning.

Completed, in partnership with Information Systems and the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector, Phase 1A Financial System implementation, which replaced the County’s 27-year-old financial system and provides improved reporting for decision making.

Negotiated agreement in conjunction with the County Counsel’s Office with the Lytton Tribe to mitigate local environmental, health, safety, and economic impacts of its development projects.

Coordinated a number of other tribal matters, including reconvening the Northern California Counties Tribal Consortium.

Worked with neighboring counties to convene a joint meeting to discuss matters of shared concern, including challenges related to Highway 37.

Successfully negotiated balanced labor agreements with all bargaining units in 2013.

Assisted in the creation of California’s second community choice aggregation program, Sonoma Clean Power.

Facilitated the development of the Library Joint Powers Agency and  putting the Library sales tax measure on the ballot.

Completed the County-wide Competency Design Project with Human Resources that determined the competencies on which the Training Program would be based, and launched the County-wide Training Program on July 8, 2014, with in-house training.

Earned the Government Finance Officers Association's awards for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Popular Annual Financial Report, and County Adopted Budget.

Supported the release of the annual Grand Jury report in June of each year, to provide the public with additional information regarding a variety of governmental services provided in Sonoma County, including an interim report on pensions.

Worked with the Sheriff’s office to reestablish the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) Unit and to pilot and begin implementation of body worn cameras on all patrol Deputies.

Worked with the Permit and Resource Management Department to advance implementation of the Accela online permitting system providing enhanced customer service to the public.

Worked with the Permit and Resource Department and County Counsel to completed adoption of Riparian Corridor Ordinance increasing protection of significant biological resources areas.

Collaborated with the Community Development Commission and Health Services to expand efforts to reduce homelessness by establishing a new inter-departmental Homeless Outreach Services Team pilot program that engages and connects the unsheltered homeless living near the County’s creeks and trails with services and housing; establishing a vulnerability assessment and coordinated intake system in concert with community partners to assist homeless persons in identifying and accessing appropriate shelter and other homeless services county-wide; and creating the Safe Parking Program.

Coordinated with Transportation & Public Works and County Counsel to complete waste flow commitment agreements with cities, settlement of respective responsibility for unfunded liabilities between the County and cities and transfer of landfill and transfer station operations to a private company, limiting the County’s long term liability.

Collaborated with Auditor-Controller-Tax Collector in the implementation of a Transient Occupancy Tax certificate program to ensure that these taxes are being collected fairly in the community.

Supported the Economic Development Department in the development of an Arts Strategic Plan and initiating the bilingual business outreach program both designed to enhance these emerging sectors of the economy.

Established funding for vacation rental code enforcement staff in the Permit & Resources Management Department.

Partnered with Sonoma County Fair Foundation to finance the Saralee & Richard’s Barn, which will serve as a venue for a multitude of events including fundraising dinners, wine competitions, Sonoma County Farm Bureau’s Ag Days for over 4,000 elementary school children, culinary demonstrations and farm to table activities, 4-H and FFA seminars and meetings, dog shows and livestock events.